2022 A New Start

‘IMAGO’ Exhibition July 2021 Birnam Arts

It’s been a while, 7 months in fact since the solo show. The nervous energy, adrenalin, emotions, it’s a bloody rollercoaster. The well wishes and lovely words of encouragement, the questions, the scrutiny and focus, it’s not usual and yet it’s an integral part of the process. As soon as you subject your work to the world, you give permission for everyone to have their voice and you have to hear it, suck it up, the good and the bad. And then it’s over and you’re bubble wrapping the hell out of those that sold and those that are coming home. Thankfully, that was only 3 of the 11 works. Whoop!

The body of work began in 2019 in St Margaret’s House in my studio. It took 2 years to build up enough good pieces to be able to say ‘hell yes’ to the opportunity for a solo show at the BI. All the paintings were of the residents at Corbenic, a residential home for adults with learning disabilities. I’d hang out with them at the festivals, everyone dressed up, faces painted, dancing and laughing together. On those nights, labels, disabilities and limitations were transcended and we were just people, sharing a moment together. That’s what I wanted to capture.

I had the high and the inevitable low and today, Sunday 20th February, I threw my apron on and started working again. Oh how I’ve missed the smell of the oil paints, the energy throughout my body, it’s rejuvenating. It’s time…time to make art, create and do what’s in my blood.